Wooden Swing Balance Board

Wooden Swing Balance Board

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Advanced 2 independent designs. The long balance board is a wooden board placed on cylindrical rollers to make it more mobile and unstable. This is an advanced design that uses an easy-to-set wooden balance board deck and does not require screws to install.
Increase stability, coordination, the core strength balance board is designed to add a whole new dimension to your exercise. Using balance as a fitness tool, the board will minimize burning and add excitement to your daily exercise. Side tilts, squats, planks, push-ups, and all other bodyweight exercises can be done on the board.
Improve effective exercise capacity It helps to strengthen fragile and unstable ankles, and can also be used for whole body exercises. The unstable surface makes the exercise more challenging and interesting. All-in-one equipment is now also widely used by fitness coaches. Easy to store, no maintenance required.
Multifunction. The main advantage of the balance board is that it can be used even without professional supervision to improve basic fitness, balance and stability. You can start exercising in the gym, at home, outside, in front of the TV, or on any surface. Professional athletes, especially gymnasts, surfers, and skaters are widely used.
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