Natural Wood Rocking Balance Board

Natural Wood Rocking Balance Board

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Bring endless fun to the whole family. There are many uses for wooden balance boards. In addition to being the perfect equipment for yoga and exercise, children use it to do all kinds of things. This is a great carpet yoga board. Children and toddlers can swing on the board, stand on it, and sleep while sitting on it.
Build confidence and balance. It activates the vestibular system, which is very important for growth and learning. This rocking board balance rocker promotes the muscles responsible for correct posture, and provides opportunities for Waldorf-style physical and emotional free play, and encourages children's physical and psychological development.
Suitable for children and adults, the size is moderate, as the child grows, it is also suitable for adults. In addition to the strengthening of the child's core, the swing board can stimulate the child's imagination and can be used as a slide, bridge, shop, cave, stepping stone, booster step, runway, child swing seat, tunnel, etc.
High-quality craftsmanship: exquisitely crafted, natural surface, is a water-based eco-friendly varnish.

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