Water Purifier Survival Outdoor Tool

Water Purifier Survival Outdoor Tool

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[Filtered Water]: Survival Water Filter ensures clean drinkable water during your outdoor adventures; Straw water filter blocks toxins and chlorine from inhabiting drinking water leaving behind fresh-tasting clean water to keep you safe and hydrated
[Accessible Clean Water Anywhere]: Remove top cap of personal water filter to drink from the 0.5-inch (1.3cm) spout; Stick filtration straw into water and rely on the inner filter water purification to remove pollution and chemicals; Take quick sips from the water filtration tool and close lid when finished
[Quick Cleanup]: To clean the backpacking water filter, open the lid and blow air through the spout to prevent clogs; Rinse with water and set travel water purifier aside to dry; Clean spout of the outdoor water filter between uses
[Clean Drinking]: Portable water purifier is 8.2-inches (21cm) and lightweight; Reusable emergency preparedness filter is your go-to tool for camping, hiking, and canoeing; Maintain peace of mind by safely drinking cold water from any source using this straw filter survival tool
[Contents]: Package includes 2 blue emergency water purification filters; Attached black lanyard and fastening buckle connected to the bottle for additional carrying options

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