Ski And Snowboard Helmets

Ski And Snowboard Helmets

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Made for the mountains: lightweight, well ventilated and aramid reinforced helmet for all ski and snowboard activities and freeriding in the mountains, on and off the slopes.
The new pads ensure that the energy that acts on the brain in the event of a fall with an oblique impact is reduced. The pressure is better distributed over a larger area and provides better protection against hard impacts.
Lightweight and adjustable: the helmet offers a 360° size adjustment system for a personalised, secure and comfortable fit as well as optimal ventilation.
Fixer goggle clip: provides additional safety and air channels in the helmet wick moisture away from glasses. helmets for men and women are designed to ensure seamless compatibility with goggles.
Improved durability: the helmet has a polycarbonate shell and EPS inner shell. Aramid bridge reinforcements provide additional breakthrough protection and structural stability.

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