Smart Phone Outdoor Bicycle Bag

Smart Phone Outdoor Bicycle Bag

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  • Provides large capacity, can storage a lot of things for you.
  • Multi-function, it can be mounted on the bicycle saddle, used as carrier bag, and it can be used as shoulder bag too.
  • Buckle install: The quick release clip(the bike bag can't be fixed by strap alone)not only provides excellent stability but also ensure the bike bag can be removed and install in a few seconds. And the durable, not as easy to break as straps. Incorrect installation may cause the screws to fall out. Refer to the installation method in the description or picture.
  • Water resistance: The seam-sealed zipper(Because the surface is coated, there is resistance. Pulling straight out will make it smoother)and the water-resistant bike bag shell help resist water and keep your items dry. (The stitches are not waterproof.) The smooth surface ensures the bike bag is very easy to clean.

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