High-Quality Saltwater-Resistant Sea Fishing Reel

High-Quality Saltwater-Resistant Sea Fishing Reel

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This fishing reel is very suitable for your kelp: the main force of the rhinoceros, the structure is very solid, the built-in power transmission, the super-sea cutting disc brake system and its aluminum spool, they are very suitable for you to fish in the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and even rough fishing.
Reliability and quiet operation: This roller runs very easily, on the other hand it can withstand high loads without any problems, and you always have a comfortable and firm grip on the crank designed for hard drills-once you rely on the action, you You will feel the power.
6 ball bearings make it run as soft as silk.
Fishing line capacity: 125 m/0.30 mm, gear ratio 6.2:1, unlimited rear gear.
Braking force: 7 kg, take-up: 85 cm.

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