Reel Freshwater Seawater Fishing Fishing Reel

Reel Freshwater Seawater Fishing Fishing Reel

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High-quality fishing reel-Our spinning wheels are affordable, but with excellent performance, all-metal body. For those who like fishing, this is a must-have item and a gift for friends.
Lightweight and strong-The cast-and-drop fishing reel is made of aluminum, which improves lightness and rigidity at the same time. It is easy to carry, if you go fishing outdoors, you can put it in any package.
Very smooth-the fishing reel is equipped with 9 ball bearings and a roller bearing, matched with precision gears, allowing you to enjoy the smooth performance of the spinning fishing reel. If you are doing freshwater fishing, a good choice is 3000 and 4000 series fishing reels. When chasing big fish or marine species, 5000 species will be a better choice.
Towing system with pure power rotation-using high-quality stainless steel ball bearings, thicker hardened spindle and powerful towing system, it has incredible drag and can hook large fish such as perch/ catfish/ striped fish/ Hose/North Pike etc.
Gear system-The fishing reel includes a circular fishing gear system and a sealed hollow aluminum spool design, which can minimize water intrusion and prevent corrosion. Very suitable for fresh water and sea water.

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