TOPKO Thick Non Slip Yoga Exercise Mat

TOPKO Thick Non Slip Yoga Exercise Mat

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  • 【Non-Slip Grip】 - This yoga mat has a stay-dry topcoat to provide excellent traction and superior grip so you can stay focused on holding yoga poses for extended periods of time. The coating also helps wick away sweat and is designed for all sorts of poses.
  • 【Great for Hot Yoga】 - The textured, coated surface is made for working up a sweat during hot yoga sessions and holds up well in that environment. Theses hot yoga mat have a nonslip surface that lets you pose longer and stretch deeply with ease.
  • 【Firm Cushioning】 - Our padded yoga mat has a firm cushion support to help your muscles and joints feel more comfortable during intense poses whether standing or stretching on the floor.

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