PU + Rubber Non-Slip Yoga Mat

PU + Rubber Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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Lightness and durability that is convenient for carrying around in the studio, gym, or home
The surface treatment of the mat allows you to firmly grasp the mat, making it non-slip and easy to use even for people who have just started yoga.
The rich cushions protect your joints and allow you to practice comfortably even during yoga poses.
The alignment line in the middle of the mat leads to safer and proper positioning of the pose.
The closed cell processing on the surface prevents moisture such as sweat from penetrating and prevents bacteria from growing inside the mat.
It is produced in an eco-friendly way without using any strong-smelling chemical solvents.
[Care] After exercising, we recommend cleaning with a matte wash renewal (genuine). Avoid immersing or submerging it in water as it may damage the material.

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