Thick And Environmentally Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Thick And Environmentally Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

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HYGIENIC AND WATERPROOF : Practice on your own clean and fresh yoga mat instead of sharing studio mats. This mat's waterproof surface repels sweat, germs and dirt, keeping bacteria and that dreaded stinky stale sweat smell at bay. Washes easily, just spray and wipe clean.
ECO FRIENDLY AND ODORLESS : A little bit pricier but much better for you and the environment. TPE is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mat. This material is non-toxic, free from phthalates, silicone and other harmful chemicals.
SLIP RESISTANT, DURABLE AND TEAR RESISTANT : Tired of your cheaper PVC and NBR foam yoga mats disintegrating? This dense anti-tear mat is designed to withstand any vigorous workouts, home exercises, Pilates, Bikram or Ashtanga yoga. Being reversible, you can use different high-traction slip resistant textures on both sides, lengthening your mat's lifespan. Saves you money in the long run.
LUXURIOUS COMFORT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY : Love your thick yoga mat but finding it heavy to carry? At 5mm thick, our portable and lightweight yoga mat provides the perfect balance of cushioning and portability without compromising your balance. Great for yin yoga, travels or when you are on the go.

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