Smart hula hoop That Won't Fall Off

Smart hula hoop That Won't Fall Off

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Material used: brand new food grade ABS material, inner ring all-soft rubber design, safer, more conformable and softer
Appearance design: diamond cut surface design, fashion and luxury, the combination of smooth and frosted surface, highlights the texture, and achieves a real sense of high-level and technology.
Color design: pink and white contrast color is pink and fresh, beloved by beauties; blue and yellow contrast color is youthful and bright, both men and women are available
There are 37 acupoint massage points per session, and the whole machine has a total of 592 acupuncture massage points, which is more healthy for weight loss [basically one massage point per section on the market]
Multi-function counter display: you can count time, laps, calories. The three modes can be switched at will. [Most of them on the market are single counting, no such multi-function]
Structural design: The upper and lower double track design is adopted, which makes the rotation process more smooth. The link adopts a "U"-shaped buckle design, which is convenient to disassemble, safe and firm. [The hula hoop connecting piece on the market is either easy to break or stuck, and the experience is quite poor]
The distance of the gravity hammer can be adjusted, and the required strength can be achieved by adjusting the length of the wide webbing rope [most of the weight hammers on the market have a fixed length, and the length cannot be adjusted];
Weighted objects: pure iron blocks can be added to weight [the cheap additives on the market are sand, which cannot be weighted]

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