Single Color Resistance Band Rolls

Single Color Resistance Band Rolls

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  • CUT TO ANY LENGTH: The perfect option for a customized resistance band,TOPKO resistance band rolls can be cut to any length for integrative workouts, rehabilitation, strength training or physical therapy. Ideal for clinicians, physical therapists and trainers.
  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL: Lightly textured for a more comfortable and secure grips, the resistance band rolls are made with a TPE material. The resistance bands are lightweight and flexible with a low powder coating to prevent sticking.
  • FULL BODY EXERCISE : Want to workout with different way? Resistance bands are suitable for Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, cardio workouts. They not only help you get in amazing squat work outs but also leg lifts and stretching. Using the bands, can improve your muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility.
  • PORTABLE& EFFECTIVE : Little time for fitness? No problem! The Resistance Bands are surprisingly simple and effective. Spend 15-30 minutes a day and you'll get amazing results! Bands are easy to carry, can put in your pocket! you can workout everywhere and anytime you want!

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