Pulse Intelligent Folding Cervical Massage Apparatus

Pulse Intelligent Folding Cervical Massage Apparatus

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Ease of relief: The neck massager uses * electronic technology to relieve body massage and relieve neck relations.
Single button control-one button provides more functions and interactive experience, simple: the wheel button can not only turn on and off, but also set the mode and level. Change and optimize the button layout many times, and realize modern, comfortable and human control with the help of fingertips.
Easily controlled through the app and mini program-select the massage mode and intensity level, which can be easily set through the app to get the best massage.
Your daily partner: With the neck massage device, you can relieve your neck at any time-whether at work, at home or on the road! The compact and convenient design weighs only 95 grams and is silent in use, making it your ideal partner
Thermal compression-equipped with advanced physical * technology and low-frequency pulse technology, simulating traditional massage techniques, and provide deep tissue massage to promote skin, muscle relaxation and decompression. The massage will continue to heat a support layer of up to 43 degrees Celsius, which can penetrate your skin and muscles to ensure great relaxation

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