Professional Exercise Hula Hoops for Weight Loss ,Fitness

Professional Exercise Hula Hoops for Weight Loss ,Fitness

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★【COMFORTABLE AND SOFT FITNESS HOOPS】By just hooping at home regularly, you can easily lose weight and strengthen your lower body muscles.your lower body muscles.The smooth foam padded surface protect beginners from waist injuries,It fits for both kids and adults.
★【6 SECTIONS AND DETACHABLE EXERCISE HOOPS】The fitness exercise hoop with eight detachable sections, you can detached and packed the exercise hoop into a small package,So you can easily take your exercise hoops to anywhere,you can use weighted Hoops at home, office,garden, playground,lawn and beach etc.
★【Burn Calories and Body Fat】 You can get more exercise and more calories burned.Our weighted exercise hoop also fits for beginner or kids.Use our professional weighted hoops can fully burn calories,it is a excess body fat in a fun way.
★【FOAM PAD USE THICKNESS OF 5MM MATERIAL】Our exercise hoop is made of non-toxic, durable and high quality ABS material and a soft non-slip biodegradable NBR foam which is more portable and comfortable.The sponge is 5MM thick to protect you from injury during exercise.
★【Satisfactory Service】 Customer satisfaction is our priority,if you have any questions about the product, please contact us, we will try out best to help you.

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