Muscle Training Weightlifting Accessories Pull-Down Handle

Muscle Training Weightlifting Accessories Pull-Down Handle

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The pull down bar can be installed on cable machines. rowing machines etc. in the gym. By changing the way the pull-down bar buckle is attached, you can get a pull-down and pull-up workout at the same time. The curved pull-down bar is equipped with a carabiner that allows you to freely change the required accessories.
Unlike other straight bars on the market. the curved drop bar features a unique ergonomic curved and extended thickened design for greater wrist comfort during training and reduced risk of wrist injury.
The can be used for dozens of exercises. It is highly effective for training upper body muscles, especially hard to train areas such as the shoulders, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoids and obliques. The package includes a carabiner and a drop bar that you can mount directly on the training machine.
The lat bar attachment is an excellent training tool for golf, baseball, tennis, wrestling, football, rock climbing and other sports! It trains bicep flexors, tricep pulldowns, LAT pulldowns and expands professional fitness exercise equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness expert, this pull down bar is an excellent training tool.
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