Multifunctional Whole Body Training Dumbbell Chair

Multifunctional Whole Body Training Dumbbell Chair

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Satisfy the whole body muscle exercise : the dumbbell bench is essential for daily fitness and whole body exercise. Because through the auxiliary function of the dumbbell bench, you can exercise the most difficult or even the least exercised parts (abdominal muscles, chest muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, arms, buttocks, legs) , which can achieve more than 15 fitness positions . For example, sit-ups, bird function, push-up exercises, dumbbell curls, one-arm rowing, barbell bench press.
Multi-layer material design: The material is composed of sports pu skin, high elastic sponge layer, memory pearl sponge, thickened multi-layer board, and non-woven fabric layer, which can give you 100% comfort even when you are doing high-intensity training. Comfortable lengthened and thickened ergonomic length, surface stitching technology, compression and wear resistance, only for you more comfortable and professional fitness.
Professional multi: position adjustment-ordinary dumbbell benches only have the adjustment of the rear cushion. Our dumbbell benches can adjust the front cushion in 4 levels and the rear cushion in 6 levels (5 holes + last level empty), which can meet a variety of professional exercise methods. The entire dumbbell bench can give you a personalized exercise experience.

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