High Waist Suture Gym Yoga Two-Piece Suit

High Waist Suture Gym Yoga Two-Piece Suit

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[Product material] It making sports more enjoyable and comfortable, 2-piece suit can meet suitable for yoga, cycling, strength training.
[Product advantages] Including 1 sports bra + 1 compression yoga shorts.The nylon material added to sportswear is more resistant to abrasion and high temperature, the skin feels smoother, and has strong water absorption. It can quickly absorb sweat generated during exercise to avoid odor or discomfort.
[Safe cleaning] It has the characteristics of not afraid of detergents. There is no need to worry about the washing machine will damage the clothes. And the product itself is not easy to fade, can with white clothes wash together,not afraid will mix the color.
[Design features] Compact sports bra, removable cup, deep U-neck design, make you look more sexy, charming and confident, high-waist shorts, very suitable for yoga, gym or cycling.
[High-quality choice] Rich colors, high-quality materials, can be in direct contact with the skin.We provide customers with a 2-month risk-free full money-back guarantee,if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us, we will provide you with the best solution.

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