High quality custom design anti burst gym ball, yoga ball , fitness ball

High quality custom design anti burst gym ball, yoga ball , fitness ball

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Our exercise ball built with non-toxic professional quality PVC material, which is safe, BPA-free and durable. This ball *WILL* fully inflate but you do have to wait 24 hours to get the ball fully inflated (by this I mean inflate the ball as much as you can then the next day finish inflating the ball so that it is at it's full size).
Our anti-burst workout ball is one of the highest density exercise balls in the market. 1.5mm±0.5mm in thickness. It can stand up to the most rigorous workouts up to 1100 lbs - all while preventing you from slipping off!
An exercise ball for many uses. This yoga ball is not only great for Yoga, Pilates and Ball Chair, but for relieving body pain, pregnancy gymnastics, ab training, parent-child interaction and more! You can use it at home, in office as office ball chair and in gym.
The fitness ball comes with a pump, two plugs, a plug-out tool and use instruction. You can easily and quickly inflate the balance ball. Your stability ball is delivered deflated and can be pumped up in minutes with minimal effort.

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