Four-wheel abdomen wheel with armrest

Four-wheel abdomen wheel with armrest

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[Safety first] The abdominal roller is great for abdominal training, but beginners tend to overturn and get injured when using the regular single or double wheel abdominal roller. This four-wheeled roller abdominal muscles have excellent stability and are ideal for beginners.
[Mute design, no damage to the floor, super comfortable knee mat] With mute bearings, you do not have to worry about disturbing others. You can be used on wooden floors and tiles and will not scratch the floor. The  Knee Mat is wider, more comfortable and tear-resistant than similar knee mats.
[Small size, great effect] Very easy to carry and store. It's easy to carry around on business trips or trips, so you can keep your fitness plan running. Start your fitness plan immediately with Abdominal Roller and get 6 packs of abdominal muscles and at the same time cause muscle aches (lol)
[1 year warranty] If you have any questions, please contact the after-sales department. I am very honored to be able to solve the problem.

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