For Doorway Chin Up Bar

For Doorway Chin Up Bar

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  • Perfect Home Gym Equipment: The Pull up Bar for Doorway has multiple screw-in door mount kits give flexibility to move to different places or heights. Adjusts to fit standard doorways. It's perfect for your home gym, garage or the office.
  • Comfortable Hand-grips: The comfortable design makes it easy to squeeze in workouts and stay fit at home. The foam handle of the pull up bar is very comfortable, the sweat-absorbing outer layer, the tear-resistant lining and the anti-slip layer on the inner wall, and the non-slip handle.
  • Stainless Steel Material: This material will not make your hands dirty when exercising upper body strength. This chin up bar for doorway can be used to strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs muscles for the perfect upper body workout for men and women.
  • Multi-Grip and Multifunctional Pullup Bar: Get fit and strong by using the door bar for many exercises including pull-ups, push-ups, hanging leg raises, chin-ups, crunches, sit ups etc. It's truly a multi-function piece of at home gym workout equipment.
  • Safety and Easy to Assemble: The stainless steel doorway pull up bar provides great support and safety. It is easy to install on the door. There are enough screws in the package to make the Chin Up Pull Up Bar sturdy on the door.

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