Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

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PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION: Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood circulation, improve soft tissue health, and increase exercise range.
MULTIPLE MASSAGE HEADS: Equipped with a variety of massage head, for the large muscle group, shoulder and neck and different user groups are designed corresponding massage head, user‑friendly design.
HUMANIZED DESIGN: Strictly based on the theory of body muscle and bone force, carefully take care of every muscle group, suitable for daily relaxation, or professionals who need deep massage.
ENERGY EFFICIENT: The use of long‑acting energy storage lithium battery, high efficiency and energy saving, provides strong and lasting power.Massage for 10 minutes a day, in 1st gear mode can be used continuously for about 18 days.
MUTE TECHNOLOGY: The brushless noise reduction motor is equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology, which controls the noise within 45 decibels, just like a soft whisper in the ear, so that the body's fatigue and pain will be completely relieved in the silent vibration, enjoying the quiet relaxation moment.

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