Compact Folding Treadmill with Wireless Remote Control and HD LED Screen

Compact Folding Treadmill with Wireless Remote Control and HD LED Screen

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Variable Speed: Offers a speed range from 1 to 6 km/h, suitable for different fitness levels and workout intensities.

Wireless Remote Control: Conveniently start and adjust settings without manual interaction.

HD LED Screen: Displays time, speed, distance, and calories burned for tracking progress during workouts.

Compact Design: Foldable to 1250 x 490 x 125 mm for easy storage and space-saving efficiency.

Sturdy Construction: Supports up to 120 kg of weight, providing stability and durability.

Spacious Running Area: 390 x 1040 mm running belt accommodates comfortable strides for users.

Easy Assembly: Comes with clear instructions for quick setup and use.

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