Children's Bicycles For Outdoor Travel

Children's Bicycles For Outdoor Travel

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  • Master balance and coordination with this balance bike, and easily transition to a big pedal bike.
  • Solid construction to withstand bumps and crashes of learning with air filled rubber tires, magnesium frame, steel handlebar - yet lightweight to easily maneuver even for a toddler
  • Designed for safety and comfort with a recessed bolt to prevent ankles from scraping every time the bike is used and padded leather seats for extra comfort
  • Better control of the bike with built-in limited steering to assist in the learning process and overcome fear
  • From kids 2-5 year olds, your child can learn this important life skill at any age when they are ready and quickly master it. Seat adjusts from 13” to 15”, handlebar height 10”, 12” wheels, max weight 65 lb

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