Cast Iron Squat Equipment ghost face Kettlebell

Cast Iron Squat Equipment ghost face Kettlebell

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【Good Quality With Cast Iron 】:The kettlebell is made from one piece solid cast iron without welds and seams, which results in a stronger, more durable handle.
【Vinyl-Coated for Preventing Damage】:Nice vinyl-coated kettlebell is smooth and does not crease, which resists from scrapping your hands and wrecking floor, with an extra-wide solid handle and not greasy that enables you to grip.
【Flat Bottom for Stability】:The flat bottom is easy to place in your home and does not wobble, riching your exercises that a regular fitness equipment does not offer.
【Small Volume But Enough Weight】:It will occupy less space and is a good home exercise assistant appratus. Staying at home, you will have a good figure.With kettlebell, fitness sports like deadlift, kettlebell one arm row, squat, shoulder press and floor bench press are availible in your home.
【Applying to Any Age and Gender】:You can snatch,swing and jerk,which will pack power into full body, meaning that you target more muscles, increase your muscular endurance, core strength, and drive your body into calorie-burning mode.

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