Barbell Olympic Grip Weight Plates, Hole Home Gym Hand Grip Rubber Paint Plate

Barbell Olympic Grip Weight Plates, Hole Home Gym Hand Grip Rubber Paint Plate

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Multifunctional- Weight plates can be used for muscle exercise and endurance training, and increase flexibility and balance. A single weight board can also be used for warm-up exercises.
Natural Rubber- High-quality natural rubber is wrapped on the outside, which is non-irritating and has excellent elasticity. Even if it accidentally falls from a height, it can prevent damage to the floor. You can exercise freely at home, office, gym and dormitory.
Rugged And Durable- The sturdy cast iron inserts are drop resistant, wear resistant, long service life, small in size, yet heavy enough, harder than rock and harder than nails... High quality cast iron inserts make bumper plates very popular.

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