Anti burst massage gym ball

Anti burst massage gym ball

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  • ★STABLE&ANTI-SLIP:The exercise ball has a unique, saddle shaped, seat that provides increased stability and it’s good for kids learn to walk, home yoga exercise, improve posture, gymnastics practice, balance training. In Professional use - Midwives promote labor progress specifically in epidural birth, Pet Trainer use it for dog training.
  • ★MASSAGE POINT DESIGN:Specially designed with spikes, this ball doubles up with massage properties that provides a deep massage, improving blood circulation, muscle pain and fatigue relief. Spikes also stabilize the ball when used as a chair replacement.
  • ★NON-STICK PVC:Easy to execute any yoga, Pilates, or general strength and balance training moves without experiencing uncomfortable stickiness. Clean sweat/dust off the surface with a simple wipe.
  • ★2000 ULTRA-HIGH ANTI-BURST RATING:Able to stand up to the most rigorous workout conditions. This ball will not burst if punctured, it will slowly deflate, it's safe for people and your pets. So please inflate it until the correct size is reached, a tight ball can support your body better.
  • ★LOAD BEARING:With a sturdy 660lb load, slip-resistance and anti-burst properties, you can intensify your workout to the most rigorous conditions.

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