Advanced And Durable Spine Instrument

Advanced And Durable Spine Instrument

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Pain relief made easy: The neck massager relieves your neck tension and the pain associated with it through patented electronic technology that simulates human massages
Convenient control via remote control: Choose between 3 massage modes and 15 intensity levels, which can be easily set with the remote control in order to enjoy a massage that is optimally adapted to you. All steps can be set with one click, which makes it very easy to use
3D electrodes that adapt perfectly to your neck: The unique headphone style is pleasantly light to wear. Due to the ergonomic design, the highly elastic frame technology and the 360 ​​° movable electrodes, it adapts ideally to every neck in order to guarantee the highest possible wearing comfort
Your daily companion: With the neck massager from SKG you can relieve your neck at any time - whether at work, at home or on the go. The compact and handy shape, the light weight of only 160g and the quiet application make it your ideal companion
Heat compression: Equipped with advanced physiotherapy technology and low-frequency pulse technology, the device simulates traditional massage techniques and offers you a deep tissue massage to promote blood circulation, as well as muscle relaxation and stress reduction. The massage is supported by the constant supply of heat of max. 42 ° C, which layer by layer penetrates your skin and muscles and thus ensures maximum relaxation

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