6-Section Steel Tube Hula Hoop Slimming Body

6-Section Steel Tube Hula Hoop Slimming Body

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High Quality Material: Made of durable materials, steel tube and soft foam. The outer layer of the hoola hoop is made of soft skin-friendly foam material, which can prevent long-term rotation and damage to the waist. Built-in 0.8mm thick stainless steel inner tube, which is more durable and not deformed than plastic tube.
Detachable Design: 6 detachable parts, easy to assemble, storage and carry. Burn calories anytime, anywhere.
Adjustable Weight: The exercise hoop is suitable for adults and teenagers! The inner diameter is 90 cm (35.4 inches) and the weight is adjustable. You can add beans or steel balls to increase the fitness weight of the hoop to 1 to 3kg. It helps people of different stages of training and all levels.
Weight Loss & Fitness: By turning fitness hoops, not only are calories burned in the waist, it can also coordinate many movements of the limbs, a fitness effect is achieved when losing weight: buttocks, waist, legs and digestive tract. Suitable for Beginners.
Health & Safe Advice: The beginners use no more than 10 minutes each time. The exercise time can be adjusted according to the comfort situation every day. In order to avoid the problem of waist asymmetry, please use the correct exercise method. You could switch the clockwise and counterclockwise directions to exercise. NOTE: Please DO NOT put the hoop around your neck to turn!

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